All it happened when i fell in the lake. My world changed. Where was I?

With a shoot the light turned off. My life finished.

A coin the boy found, and the toy that he wanted he bought.

The dragon was killed by him, and he got the power and honor he had desired.

Fire and ice fought, and in a permanent war they stayed. Who won? Nobody will ever know.

With bow and arrow in the middle he hit the target and the tournament he won.

She was dancing in the rain. After raining the sun and rainbow showed, and she looked at them and smiled.

With quill and ink his first book he wrote. The best storyteller he was, so all his stories real they are.

A prince and his love lived happy in their home. One day a bad witch bewitched them, but finally their love won.

Both fell from the sky, both were angels, one of them went wrong, and both paid for it. The sky's doors closed, no one came back.