As all Spanish people know, we are going through a difficult economic period of time where so many people don't have anything to eat or don't have a worthy house to live in, among other things.
It is clear to me, and to almost all Spanish people, that it is an inhuman behavior. We all are aware about the situation, but I think we could get over this poor time taking some actions, such us: 
Reducing the number of politicians in the government. There are too many people working in our government that are dispensable for the Administration.
Not wasting money. The government throw away a lot of money during the year as doing reforms or changing the way of studying.
Promoting the touring. We have very beautiful and wonderful places in our country. The government must advertise about them in the other world's states to improve the touring.
It is clear that we are in a very hard finantial time, but we can't fall down. We have to be strong and face the situation. Someday, we will get past this situation.



Morning is delight,
Afternoon makes me surprised,
Evening brings the night.

First it was drizzling,
Then, the black sky shouted high;
Bolts of lightning cry.

Green changing to gold,
Summer days ride on the wind,
My hearts gets so cold.

Rain hits the window,
Wind is the darkness whisper;
The moon lights the meadow.

I get up again,
Routine makes me blue and sad,
I need to go back.

My soul speaks to me,
It tells me that I am free,
I will be with thee*.

*thee = you

He still misses her;
She forgot all their moments;
Now, she doesn’t care.

She waited for him,
He waited for her phone call;
Impossible for both.

I feel great today,
I felt so bad yesterday,
Tomorrow is fate.

I feel you so near,
Even though you left me there,
I wish you were here.




I think that uniforms shouldn’t be obligatory in levels like ESO or Bachillerato, but they can be really useful with children who are in primary school.

Firstly, uniforms can help parents who have little children at primary school because they don’t have to wash up many clothes. Also, wearing a uniform is cheaper than wearing different clothes everyday.

Secondly, uniforms are useful in levels like primary because all children look the same and they can’t BE BULLLIED BY otherS because of their appearance. In levels such as ESO or Bachillerato students are more mature, so they won’t discriminate their mates. For instance, if they dress up with clothes that they are keen on, they can express their personality.

In conclusion, uniforms can be helpful, but only in some situations. We should know when students may wear a uniform or not.



All it happened when i fell in the lake. My world changed. Where was I?

With a shoot the light turned off. My life finished.

A coin the boy found, and the toy that he wanted he bought.

The dragon was killed by him, and he got the power and honor he had desired.

Fire and ice fought, and in a permanent war they stayed. Who won? Nobody will ever know.

With bow and arrow in the middle he hit the target and the tournament he won.

She was dancing in the rain. After raining the sun and rainbow showed, and she looked at them and smiled.

With quill and ink his first book he wrote. The best storyteller he was, so all his stories real they are.

A prince and his love lived happy in their home. One day a bad witch bewitched them, but finally their love won.

Both fell from the sky, both were angels, one of them went wrong, and both paid for it. The sky's doors closed, no one came back.




To me, to get success is really important to be motivated and inspired by someone or something. It's just not that, without hardworking and sacrifice there is no possible success.

What truly motivates me is the satisfaction of doing things well and the endless pursuit of perfection. I deeply ADMIRE people who can do great things for the world with any resources or less than other people.

People's recognition about my work also motivates me. When I give all my effort into something or someone, I like to feel that it IS really WORTHWHILE.

If you want to succeEd, you must work as hard and best as you can to fulfill your goal. Also, find a motivation that helps you wake up every morning and say "I can and I'm doing it".




It is a fact that nowadays different generations of a family live together. I do think this can be profitable, because we can learn a lot about all the members in the family.

First of all, we can be instructed by people who are not on our same wavelenght. In particular, old people usually tell their children interesting things they know, stories they have lived, or the way they have lived their childhood.

Secondly, living with other people will help us respect different points of view. Although we can consider the age difference a disadvantage, I think this can help us be open-minded and grow as a person.

 In conclusion, I would say living whith other generations is beneficial, as we can share our skills and knowledge with other people and we can learn to be tolenrant.



He was desperate. Doing that was the only way to survive. He achieved it... But life in prision is different.

All was going on perfectly, but suddenly, he began meeting an old friend. That friend only brought ordeals. Its name was "bottle".

She fell in love, and he knew that. Was the best option to trust? Her tears show that she CHOSE the wrong path.

LetterS weren't enough. The war separated their lives. Only peace could join them again, but a gun shot finished all.

Waking up every morning, ready to save hundreds of lives. African illneses are hard, but they have enough force to combat it.

Her last chance. The last train on her life. Choosing that job could mean a better life, but she would never see her family again. 

I saw the most beautiful woman around the world. Immediately, I fell in love. - And what happened after? - Mum knows that.

Every day thinking about who might be his real parents. He only wants to meet them and watch about how parents love their son.

As a regular day, he went to plug the toaster in, but something strange happened and he didn't have time to say goodbye to anyone.

The army was deployed to Iraq. Luckily, the rulers have agreed to end the war, so they may marry.



-Do you love me?- she asked.
-Yes, like my teeth love blood- answer the vampire.
Love is a word used too much and much too soon.

She asked for time, she received a watch;
she asked for beauty, she received a mirror;
she asked for love, she received nothing.

I was your cure and you were my disease,
I was saving you and you were killing me.

-You are always late; you'll never change - he said.
-I'm sorry, it's just who I am- chocoLATE apologized.

I don't like the memories because tears come easily.
It's a constant battle. A war between remembering and forgetting.

-I don't know what to say...-he told her.
-It's ok -she replied- I know what we are and I know what we are not.

They told me I was too young to let the world break me.
I told them I was too young to stop the world from breaking me.

She,hopeless, begged him: Can we start over? Can we be strangers again? We can create new memories. Let me introduce myself.

-How do you know you are in love with her?
-Because she is the person I'd never stop looking for in a crowded place.

She discovered life wasn't a fairytale when she lost her shoe at midnight and never saw it again.



The most interesting but also alarming topic currently mentioned is the Ebola virus in Spain. Some people think that the health minister, Ana Mato, is the culpable of the nurse contagion because of the infected misioners repatriation. Do you want to know my opinion? Keep reading... 

First of all, I think that the repatriation of both people infected by this virus was highly recommended, as the patient can receive a better treatment here because of the Spanish infrastructures, and the access to be treated with several possible cures. 

On the other hand, I think that the hospital and health professionals were not prepared enough. Although Spanish infrastructures are better than African ones, they weren't as prepared as they were expected to be. Also, the people who work in hospital haven't received practical formation to face this problem. 

So all in all, I think that the repatriation was a good idea, but some important aspects have to be improved to avoid this situation in a near future.



Firstly, I will write
Why I am sure you will be
The girl of my life.

I’ve known lots of them,
They have come, they have left me,
Not always, but now and then.

You are so perfect.
Your eyes, your hair, your chest,…
Oh! You are the best!

Do you remember
The day we met each other
Thanks to your brother?

He was my friend.
I told him what my aim was,
Love you till the end.

I will never forget
The first time we met in France.
We did sing and dance.

Keep thinking about you,
That is what happens to me.
With you I want to be.

We’ve had some problems,
But all of them have been solved.
We two were involved.

Always faithfulness
Since that thirteenth October.
There’s been no lover.

I like the moments,
When we are together.
Let’s be forever.