He was desperate. Doing that was the only way to survive. He achieved it... But life in prision is different.

All was going on perfectly, but suddenly, he began meeting an old friend. That friend only brought ordeals. Its name was "bottle".

She fell in love, and he knew that. Was the best option to trust? Her tears show that she CHOSE the wrong path.

LetterS weren't enough. The war separated their lives. Only peace could join them again, but a gun shot finished all.

Waking up every morning, ready to save hundreds of lives. African illneses are hard, but they have enough force to combat it.

Her last chance. The last train on her life. Choosing that job could mean a better life, but she would never see her family again. 

I saw the most beautiful woman around the world. Immediately, I fell in love. - And what happened after? - Mum knows that.

Every day thinking about who might be his real parents. He only wants to meet them and watch about how parents love their son.

As a regular day, he went to plug the toaster in, but something strange happened and he didn't have time to say goodbye to anyone.

The army was deployed to Iraq. Luckily, the rulers have agreed to end the war, so they may marry.