Firstly, I will write
Why I am sure you will be
The girl of my life.

I’ve known lots of them,
They have come, they have left me,
Not always, but now and then.

You are so perfect.
Your eyes, your hair, your chest,…
Oh! You are the best!

Do you remember
The day we met each other
Thanks to your brother?

He was my friend.
I told him what my aim was,
Love you till the end.

I will never forget
The first time we met in France.
We did sing and dance.

Keep thinking about you,
That is what happens to me.
With you I want to be.

We’ve had some problems,
But all of them have been solved.
We two were involved.

Always faithfulness
Since that thirteenth October.
There’s been no lover.

I like the moments,
When we are together.
Let’s be forever.