The whole world knows that reading is very important, specially for children, though they often don’t do it because they don’t know the benefits of reading.

First of all, reading helps us learn new words and therefore expand our vocabulary. It also helps us train our minds; while we are reading, our minds are working.

Reading is a skill which we acquire when we are young. As we grow up, we use it to develop our intelligence and to discover new information.

But it doesn’t only have educative benefits, it also has benefits for our health. Reading before bedtime helps us relax our mind, and it reduces the stress due to the fact that, when we start to read, it takes us only six minutes to relax. It acts in the same way as music: it helps create new perspectives
when we have bad moments.

In my opinion, there are two main reasons why everybody should read. The first one is that reading makes us happier, opens our minds for new situations and for new ideas. It allows us to evade us from our reality. The second one is that reading is a free pastime. You can read magazines, newspapers, news on the Internet, books, articles...

Reading doesn’t have limits. It increases our imagination and our creativity. It is vital in our lives!




Nowadays, there are many charities around the world. They help homeless people and citizens of countries which haven’t got a lot of resources. However, there aren’t many volunteers in these organizations, so we need to help them. Personally, I believe that everybody should take part in a charity, specially young people, to collaborate with people who need help.

In the first place, that help could be very useful for themselves. Secondly, they can notice that discrimination is something bad, because everybody has the same equalities. 

So all in all, I think that there are several good reasons for people to become volunteers. Charities are something serious and very important for us. All people have to contribute a bit to make this world a better place to live in. 



It is well-known that technology has improved in the last years, and we use it to make our life easier. However, this fact makes that sometimes people need it a lot.

Personally, I think that it can be useful and quick if we need to find any current information. For example, when something has happened in a place of the world, we can know what is happening in two seconds.

Furthermore, in my opinion, if our computer or smartphone gets damaged, we won’t do same vital things. For instance, your boss could tell you to do any homework, and then you have to send it to him. But, if your connection doesn’t work, you wouldn’t be able to hand your work in.

On the whole, I believe people should use technology because it is a good way to expand everything. People must develop it a lot, but we always need to have different ways to solve the problems if we can’t use it.