My favourite book is called Eleven Minutes. It's a novel written by Paulo Coelho.

It's about the life of Maria, a Brazilian beautiful and intelligent young girl and how she is cheated because her innocence and sent to Switzerland to work at a job that does not respect her and under conditions that were not agreed. There in Switzerland, she ended up working as a prostitute. She was proposed to keep working another year and then return home.

Maria is a very proud person. Since childhood, she had known she wanted to leave her town, see the world, and have a lot of money. 

Throught the novel, she looks for adventure, freedom, love, and overcome goals.

What I like about this book is not the story, but all the meditations that Maria makes. She does not see love in a romantic way as in most of books. Moreover, I like the way the author talks about sexuality without any tabu. Personally, the end is not what I expected. Not because I don't like happy endings, but I believe the book deserves a cooler end.

I recommend it to everyone. It's a beautiful book written by a fantastic writer.