We all hate something about the weather of our country, but at the same time, there is always something you love about your weather, though.

As far as I am concerned, it is difficult to me just to find a nice thing to say about the weather where I live. In fact, I really have to make an effort to find out something decent. At least, winters in here are not chilly at all, so it is fantastic, because there is no need to put on many clothes to go outside. During winter, I do not even catch a cold when I go out dressed in short sleeves.

On the other hand, if you ask me about what I hate, I will say I could write an entire book dedicated to it. However, I will choose one thing I do really hate. Imagine you are in July, and you are free as it is summer holidays, so you decide to watch a film at home… But It is impossible! If you do not have an air conditioner, I am totally sure it will give you a heat stroke.



Nowadays, education is highly an important point in our society. If we compare education on these days to the education there was in a close past (about sixty years before), we notice that it has changed a lot and, thankfully, it has become much better.

But everything changes if we compare it to the education in other countries. Most Spanish people are happy with their education, but is it so good?

From my point of view, the main disadvantage of our instruction is the method, which becomes extremely boring sometimes because it is not practical at all.

On the other hand, many times this abuse of theory means a better preparation for the future, and this is the reason why people from Spain are wanted in many countries. 

All in all, I think that education in Spain should improve and stop being so methodic, and that way, more people will be encouraged to study.



In Spain, homosexual marriage was legalized in 2005 after the Netherlands and Belgium. It was an extraordinary step forward for society in the field of culture and human rights. But even today, we are still homophobic, and we do not accept this marital bond at all. 

By my part, I think that all people have to be happy, and this implies being free and equal before the law. Laws should be for everyone, and sexual orientation should not matter. If we talk about the issue of having children, it is not necessary that they are a man and a woman. 

On the one hand, we have adoption of children, and on the other hand, we have assisted reproduction (in the case of women). That's why no one can make the excuse of the children to defend themselves. Marriage is civil and not something religious. Each religion then evaluates whether it accepts it or not.

Finally, I want to say that there have been older people (from ancient times) that have accepted this, so that's why, with more reason, we should do it. We all must be happy whatever we are and however we think. Remember that you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough, so be happy and let the others also be. 




James and Ingrid met themselves one night. They started a fight. Ingrid took her cane and charged towards James at 1 m/ph. James tried to dodge, but his back hurt. Then, they decided to stop. They were 80 years old.

The croupier was talking with the man, who bet the future of his dad. If he won, he would become wealthy. The dice came out odd, so he won. Then, the man decided to bet his whole life.

The boy loved girls with beautiful legs and leather clothes. He wanted a kind girl, but that was impossible to paint. When the painter finished, the boy took the girl out of the painting.

I ate a talking bread once. He asked me to do it. I say ‘he’ because he was called Paul. It was delicious, but I felt so bad for him, and I made a funeral the following day.

When the train arrived, I had already been there for one hour. People left the train, but I couldn’t see my husband. It’s been 10 years, and I’m still going to the train station, but he doesn’t come back.

The boy asked why she had cat ears. The girl answered that she was like that. After moving her tail, she asked why the boy had a pig nose. The boy got offended, but the girl was also offended.

Two men were talking. The first one asked what color corn was. The other man answered that it was blue. Then, the first one said: ‘You are blind’, and the second one replied: ‘You are deaf’.

Two fairies were talking. One said that humans were very bad. The other one liked them. The first argued that they hunted fairies, doing them horrible things. The second one agreed, but she loved that.

I woke up and went to my sister’s bedroom. She wasn’t breathing. I was so scared. I touched her, and she was cold. Luckily, I remembered that my sister died two years ago, and we had dressed her doll like her.

When I was writing these stories, I was thinking about all the words I had to delete. Today, I found a paper. It was a story written with all the removed words. I think that was like a farewell letter.



Music is everything that surrounds us. The music is rhymed verses mixed with instruments. The music can transmit emotions, and it also helps us discover unknown sensations.
Today, there are many singers and musicians. This is good because the music is culture. But, I see a big problem. This is that the music is very expensive, and there are people who can't spend money on an album, so they get it illegally.
There are many people that live from music, and the music is good all around the world. I need music for everything; for example, to cook. The music has taught that bad days can change into good days. Everything is more beautiful with music. My favourite genre is rap and Spanish pop, but I also like the latin music. Muy favourite songs now are La Bikina and El Club de Fan de Jonh Boy. The first one is a latin song, and the second one is a Spanish pop-rock song. I also like 90’s music.



Technology is making communication easier nowadays. Do you agree? In my opinion, technology was so different when we were babies. I think all things can change.Technology has improved from the origin until the present. From my point of view, it will improve much more in a near future.

Technology has achieved great things in the world, and it has made our lives have better quality and be better in our day to day. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages.

Technology makes our communication easier and faster. We can learn a lot of things. We meet new people to be more sociable, and we can also express our feelings and hobbies through our cell phones. Can you imagine a world without them or computers? Well, I can't.
These electronic devices are important to us so that we can have a better development.

On the other hand, these devices are not very good because they can make damages on people. Sometimes, children can't pay attention because they spend a long time playing games instead of doing their homework, and this is not a very good reason to use some electronic devices.

As a conclusion, I totally support this idea because our society needs them to advance. I think technology is our future



Many people today firmly believe that we haven’t lost the true meaning of Christmas, while others hold on opposing view, starting that children only think about their gifts. So who is right? Christmas starting earlier every year, children only thinking about their gifts and Christmas from a religious point of view are all important factors to bear in mind before drawing a conclusion on this rather controversial topic.

Firstly, let’s look at Christmas starting earlier every year, which is true. Christmas is a good business for shopping centers, because the purchase level increases a lot at Christmas. People can´t stop buying unnecessary things at Christmas. However, financial gain is the main reason for Christmas starting earlier every year.

Before making up our minds, we should also consider the fact that children only think about their gifts. Some parents get used to children having a lot of presents at Christmas. This is another problem with Christmas. People associate Christmas with gifts. This is the worst side of Christmas.

Our final point of contention is raised by a supposed true meaning of Christmas. I think, Christmas is a celebration to be with your family and have a good time.



Being with obesity is a health problem which consists in having too much weight and being too fat.

On the one hand, obesity is sometimes caused by a birth problem, and people can't do any other thing than going out to walk and having a healthy diet. On the other hand, obesity is a problem because people don't do any sport and eat junk food; although if they want, they could lose weight with some effort, patience and dedication.

Also, obesity nowadays is really present in children. A few years ago, children usually spent their time playing with their friends on the street or something like that. But now, most of them spend all the time sitting in front of the screen of a computer, a mobile phone, the television, etc; and they love fast food and hate vegetables.

To sum up, I think that everybody should have a healthy diet with all kind of food and practice some sport or go to the gym. Futhermore, adult people should make their children aware about this problem, too.



Only 3% of the water in our planet is potable. Knowing this, people should treat it as if it was a treasure. But instead of that, they pour hundreds of chemicals into it every day, making it toxic, not just for humans but also for animals, specially fishes.

From my point of view, one of the biggest issues is the excessive amount of toxic materials factories throw into the water, not caring about how harmful that can be.  Because of this, we are starting to see the water of the rivers in big cities is turning black, and losing all the animals that live in it.
However, the water isn't polluted just  because of this. We use a lot of potable water at our houses when it isn't really necessary; for example, when we water our plants, or when we wash the dishes.

In conclusion, we should be careful with the use we give to potable water and try not to pollute it as much as we do. Keep in mind little things can make big changes, so start saving water at home!



These days, studying in other countries is very popular among university student. Some people say that studying outside is ridiculous when, in your country, there are very good universities. However, there is a big list of good reasons that makes you change your opinion.

In the first place, you can learn a new language more fluently than in a classroom. Secondly, you will make new friends from different parts of the world. In addition, you will know new cultures that will have something to bring you. Finally, you can improve your possibility to obtain an education with an excellence reputation. In countries, such as Germany and Finland, the priority is the quality of the education. Then, you will become irresistible to any company.

All in all, there are several good reasons to study outside. In conclusion, you could break with the routine that you have in your life; you will know people; you will become independent, and you could get your own salary. This makes studying abroad a complete adventure and a good experience for your life.