As all Spanish people know, we are going through a difficult economic period of time where so many people don't have anything to eat or don't have a worthy house to live in, among other things.
It is clear to me, and to almost all Spanish people, that it is an inhuman behavior. We all are aware about the situation, but I think we could get over this poor time taking some actions, such us: 
Reducing the number of politicians in the government. There are too many people working in our government that are dispensable for the Administration.
Not wasting money. The government throw away a lot of money during the year as doing reforms or changing the way of studying.
Promoting the touring. We have very beautiful and wonderful places in our country. The government must advertise about them in the other world's states to improve the touring.
It is clear that we are in a very hard finantial time, but we can't fall down. We have to be strong and face the situation. Someday, we will get past this situation.