As some people may say ‘money makes the world go round’, it seems a little paradoxical that, while some countries keep developing at a very high speed and aiming to become global superpowers, there are others that strive just to obtain the necessary goods to survive. A reason for this is because society allows big companies to pay millionaire salaries to their CEOs. I believe they are paid too much and I will give some reasons to explain my point of view.

It is well known that there’s a minimum amount of money that a worker must earn as the law says so, but there’s not such a thing as ‘maximum wage’. Therefore, setting some boundaries to the salaries of the CEOs is a great measure to ensure more equality in remuneration. For example, a CEO’s payment can only be 20 times higher than the salary of those who earn the less in that company. In that way, if the chairman wants to raise his salary, he would have to raise the other workers’ wages first. Furthermore, other legal procedures, such as increasing taxes to the rich people, are being considered by governments from First-World countries; so the different nations can use this money to make the world a fairer place.

In order to create a more equal society, we as a community have to make sure that the enormous pay gap starts to be proportionally reduced, as it leads nowhere but to a life of excess, and thousands more of poverty.



It is well-known that videogames use has increased over the last few years, and most children nowadays use them as a hobby. However, there are people who think that the use of certain videogames could be dangerous.

Personally, I think that children should play videogames which are appropriate for their age. For example, there are some videogames that deal with drugs, weapons, wars… That’s the kind of videogames that children mustn’t play because they are for people who are older than eighteen.

Furthermore, I think that there are a lot of parents who don’t care about their children, and they only want to keep them quiet. Consequently, if they let them play inappropriate videogames, their children could behave worse in the future.

On the whole, it’s clear to me that the use of videogames is not the problem of the violence in children, and I think that if we play it respecting the recommended age, there won’t be violence problems in children.




Personally, I have lived in El Puerto de Santa Maria, a small city, since I was born, so I have never experienced how it is living in a big city, such as Seville or Madrid, even though this lifestyle has always attracted me.

When I say “this lifestyle”, I mean the way of life of capital cities. Although I know it is very stressful, I love this way of stress, which I think it’s not always bad, because a stressful city means that there are always people on the streets and, at least, some good atmosphere, which I’m not very used to.

At the same time, I know that living in a big city is not always the best for example. You spend more time going to the same distance in a big city than in a small one. Another aspect is that big cities are unhealthier because it’s easier to infect with any disease and, in addition, because of the pollution.

Besides, it’s more expensive to live in, but there are also more opportunities to be successful, and this fact will help me reach my goal.

In conclusion, although living in big cities has many bad things, there are more good ones. I hope I will have any chance to live in a capital, just to try it. Who knows? Perhaps, in the future, I will live in the smallest city in the world.



Feminism is a social movement which began in the 18th  century and fights against female oppression, exploitation and domination. Contrary to what many people think, feminism’s objective is not to disregard men, but to find equality between both men and women.

In 2017, 44 women were killed in Spain due to violence against women.That is the reason why we need feminism. During history, men have ruled the world oppressing women. In fact, Spanish women voting for the first time was during the 1933 election, not so long ago, and it was possible thanks to those women who have fought against patriarchy. On the other hand, we must not forget about the ones who are still dominated. In most of Middle Eastern countries, women can’t vote, and they are even forced to marry someone they don’t love. Furthermore, men can hit women being unpunished before the law.

In conclusion, the era of women is here, and it is our duty to support it, because we all want to be respected.



Nowadays, most people spend a lot of time watching TV in their free time, because it’s an easy way to have fun. But is the TV a positive or a negative thing?

From my point of view, if we watch a lot of TV, we lose our creativity, because we keep our mind thinking on what we are watching on TV, instead of reading a book, listening to music, talking with other people… which are more productive things for training our brain and for our life in general.
What’s more, TV advertisements influence on what we buy, because some of them are so eye-catching that they make you buy the product, even if you don’t need it.
To sum up, I think that we should educate the young ones so they can use the TV properly, just an hour or a couple of hours a day. If you are watching the TV more than this, think about it because maybe you’re wasting your time.



Nowadays mobile phones have become part of our of life. We use them for everything, and we could spend hours looking at their screen, but is their use appropriate in every situation, for example at school?

Mobile phones can have great advantages and can be very useful in class. They are a huge source of any type of information. Besides, using some apps instead of the regular books can be an original and different way for students to learn something new.
Apart from that, they make communication between the teacher and the students much easier, because they can share information or documents instantly.

In these days, we can not deny that technology is everywhere, and we have to incorporate it in our daily life, even at school. In conclusion, I think that mobile phones are a good learning tool, and we shouldn’t avoid using them.



Nowadays, the only purpose of the cities is getting bigger. If there are more people, it means more money for the local government. From my point of view, this could be a problem for all those citizens.

First of all, the first thing you can do is moving out to a small town, so you won’t have to put up with the massive traffic of the big cities. Even if you don’t have a car, taking the metro or the bus could stress you out.

Secondly, it increases the difficulty to find a job, or even going to any restaurant, which would be full of people, and you would have to wait for hours to get a table.

In conclusion, it is better to live in a small town because there’s no traffic, it is easier to get a job, and you won’t get anxious if you want to eat in any restaurant. It is all calmed and relaxing.




People have to make many decisions throughout their lives. However, we can’t choose the most important, from my point of view: where to be born, since it marks our future.

Being born in Africa or in Europe, even though they are next to each other, will suppose completely different ways of living. For instance, African children  are often orphans, because with poor health many women die in childbirth, and life expectancy is also very short. In order to survive, they need to travel kilometers until they find water, which they have to carry home. Another very important issue is the low level of education. Not everyone can afford to go to schools, because it is far from their homes. Therefore, they will not be able to dedicate themselves to what they like. 
However, in developed countries, babies are born in hospitals and the majority live with their families.They have a place to live and to eat; they go to schools; and they can freely decide what they will be in the future.

In conclusion, we live in an unfair world. We should have the same possibilities regardless of where we are born, so we must all fight to get it.