Currently, young people read many ´best-sellers´ and they forget to read the most important books. Present ´best-sellers´ are about love or about a fantasy world. They deal with shallow topics, and they´ve got a very simple writing normally.

In my opinion, young people should read classic books or awarded books. Why? First of all, because they´ve got a crafted writing, and people can learn a lot of vocabulary or expressions from them. Secondly, because there are many important books that make you think about some topic, like humanity, power, society, relationships… They influence you along all your life. Finally, because a lot of ´best-sellers’ are based on great classic stories. For example, current ´dystopias´ (books that are about a vision of a society with very bad life conditions in the future) are based on the classic ´Brave new world´ (by Aldous Huxley), considered the first ´dystopia´.

As a conclusion, teenagers ought to read world literature books. They give us a grateful knowledge. So, what are they waiting for?





Nowadays, in my country, like in the majority of the whole countries, the study of a foreign language is compulsory in primary and secondary school, and I agree with that.

First of all, learning a foreign language will be helpful for our working life. On the one hand, because we would be able to work in another country if we did not find a job in our country. On the other hand, this would be an advantage over the other candidates for a job. Furthermore, if we know more than one language, it would be easier to make a booking in a hotel, asking for an address, or renting a car if we travel abroad on holidays. Moreover, it is thought that people who speak several languages are more open-minded and, as a result, they are able to understand the other points of view.

In conclusion, because of all these reasons, I believe studying a foreign language has to be part of people's education.



Nowadays, technology is present in a high level in human´s life. The question is, is it an advantage or disadvantage for humans?

Technology has had a massive development in the past few years; it has become an essential part of our everyday life, and it has also noticeably helped people increasing their life expectancy, curing diseases, and improving the quality of life, but the misuse people are giving to it is causing the upcoming of their destruction. This destruction does not occur only in humans, but also in the environment. We can see it in the environment in the massive pollution that new technologies bring to nature. As for the destruction of human beings, who are increasingly dependent on new technologies, such as in the mobile phone case, whose use is essential for people from all ages these days.

To my mind, new technologies are important to move forward, but humans have to find the best possible use of it, avoiding damage to nature and protecting themselves from it.
In conclusion, on the one hand, I think that new technologies are crucial today, and therefore, people should investigate to make progresses in this sector. On the other hand, I believe that people should learn to make a  good use of them. We must protect nature, because if all of this disapears, that is all we have.