More and more people, specially teenagers, download this new application on their phone. TriviaDos, by PANDERETA Studio, is a popular mobile phone game that consists of answering questions to get stars. Once you've got the seven stars, you are able to win the game. The question is the following one: is triviados a nice app to have on your phone or not?

In my opinion, TriviaDos is a funny game and I don't regret having installed it, but I think we must be very careful because it might cause addiCtion.

On the one hand, I like this game because you can play with someone who is far from you. If you are bored and want to relax a bit, you just have to add a friend and begin to play, even if you are alone in the doctor's waiting room. Also, you can learn lot of new things about sports, sciences, technology, geography, history, art, shows and some other categories, because most of the questions are not easy at all.

On the other hand, you might feel the necessity to reply your friends when they have just failed a question. If you see the statistics, you will check that there are some astonishing records. For example, an user called Azu.viana has won 454 games this week, and user Kirchoff played 30 games one day. TriviaDos allows you to play with an unknown person, which may be bad if you begin texting that person. You don't know him, and you mustn't GIVE him any personal information.

In conclussion, I believe playing TriviaDos is amusing, but only if your rival is a friend or someone you know, and providing that you don't get obsessed.