Recently, technology is changing quickly, and humans are developing a lot of new machines which make human´s life easier. But, is it always good?
On the one hand, it is true that new machines and technology are making our life easier and better, because they do the hardest works, and they do things which are dangerous to humans. For example, at an Israeli university some people have invented a robot which has a snake form. This robot is very useful, because the police can use it in their missions and in their rescues, when they don´t want to be seen.
But, on the other hand, new technology has some disadvantages. One of them is that we use new technology for everything, and if one day we don't have it, or it is broken, we won´t know how to do anything, and it is a problem, because it means that we depend on technology to live.
In conclusion, technology is very good and useful, but we don´t have to depend on it.