There are different methods to lose kilos, but in all treatment is needed. Within these diets you can find: balance diets low in calories or fast diets which are considered restrictive diets because they are not only reduced in calories, but also in one or several types of nutrients. So now, we can say that fast diets have some advantages and some disadvantages.
These advantages are that they allow you to lose weight quickly and they are very low in calories. On the other hand, we can find many more disadvantages. For example, they must be made in a short time, and the highest loss is based on the removal of liquids. They can also produce dangerous health problems as kidney or liver ones, in the case of protein diets.
Apart from this, it is also known that these diets could produce "rebound effect", so you won't lose weight. Instead of this, you will gain much more weight.
It is very important to carry out a diet consciously, so you must remember that it is necessary the supervision of a health professional. In addition, it is important to include daily physical activity, that allows you to feel healthier.