What do you think about finishing school? Well, we have been WAITING FOR these moments for ages, but sincerely, I am not sure if I think that way now. I know that when I finish A-level I will go to university, and of course, I will study what I like. However, I wonder what I will think when I realise I'm not a child. I know that I will miss some of my schoolmates, my teachers, my big playground... and even the endless stairs. I have been AT Safa San Luis since I was four years old, and I'm afraid of feeling empty when I study in other city.
In some months, my life will have changed, but I must look at the bright side. I will meet a lot of new friends. Also, I will study what I like, and I will be able to improve my English because I will get an Erasmus grant!
In my opinion, I think that student life will be the best years in all our life, and we can't forget making the most of it!