Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian singer. She is my idol. She is a model, singer, fashion designer, composer and cultural ambassador. Also, she is a philanthropist, and I appreciate that a lot. I love her songs which are like reggae, dancehall, dance, R&B, pop, dubstep, and soul. These are musical styles that I like. Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, one of the islands of Central America. I´ve always wanted to visit this island, apart from Jamaica. One of my idols is also Bob Marley, who is also an idol for Rihanna. I like the image she shows to the audience. She transmits that she is brave and she doesn´t matter what people think about her. Rihanna also transmits that she is a strong person. My favourite song of her is Umbrella.