Nowadays, economy is unbalanced between all countries around the world; a little part of them has the majority of the money when the other part has not even enough food to survive. Because of this, people form the “worst countries” haVE to look for the way to survive.
Some time ago in Ceuta, an incident happened that has relation with the idea OF the first paragraph.
Immigrants from Africa wanted to jump the fence that separates Spain and Morocco. When they tried to get into the city of Ceuta, a group of Spanish policemen attemped to stop the action of those immigrants. They used tear gas and weapons that shoot rubber bullets to force the African people to return to their countries. This makes an attempt on immigrants’ liVes. These actions should be forbidden because they are people like the ones who live in the rich country, the only difference is that they go abroad with their pockets empty.
In conclusion, every single person has to be respected without distinguishing his or her ethnicity, economic situation or religious beliefs.