The biometric system is a system based on recognition by a personal characteristic (e.g. fingerprint) that can be recognized or verified automatically.
By the end of 2014, the security company Olympia, will try to have a biometric identification system based on facial recognition and voice recognition that could be used for financial transactions or to access social networks.
To do this, the company will launch a software package that will be integrated into Microsoft operating systems so you won’t have to enter a password or user name for access. 
This wouldn’t be the only use, it could also link to security systems to eliminate the use of magnetic strips or bands. It will allow TO entry through facial scanning or voice message. For example, in the case of a financial transaction over the web, the user would just require facial recognition or voice identification to approve the purchase.
Another way a biometric system can be used is in security. With tools such as those that have been developed by Olympia already, these systems can be used at airports, sporting events or even in the streets by biometric cameras that can identify people who appear on blacklists for whatever reason.
The Biometric system is the future!!