BY ÁNGELA ROJAS @mariarojasos, #BTO2A
In the last few years, the transportation cost has risen. For this reason, it has appeared a new cheaper way to travel, it is called ¨Blablacar¨; to me, this is a very interesting system.
This new method of transportation operates as follows: the person that wants to make a trip types all the details about the trip he wants to make on the internet, place, time, date, etc. Another person that's making the same journey by car offerS you to go with him/her. You pay for an amount of money the driver has established previously. This way, the person that wants to make a trip, pays less money than a train or bus ticket; and the driver uses that money for petrol, and IT is cheaper than going alone.
I think that it is a very economical way to travel and also it illustrates cooperation among all citizens; but this way of travelling is a problem for other businesses like train companies. Also, it can be dangerous as you don't know the person who will travel with you, so you have to be careful when you have to choose your companion.
In conclusion, this new system has many advantages, but also disadvantages; Nevertheless, it is an alternative way of travelling, which many people find very useful and economic.