Syria's situation (known in all the whole world) has forced the United States to react. But, why now? Why didn't they act before?

Most of mass media try to make us believe that the USA have decided to interfere in this moment because of the chemical weapons. Chemical weapons are extremely dangerous, and of course, they're forbidden worldwide.

In spite of that, some other people have a point of view completely different. Barack Obama and his government have decided to intervene just because they don’t want anyone, any country, to be more powerful than the USA. If they really cared about all children and all innocent people, they would have stopped Bashar al-Assad a pretty long time ago. It’s even degrading how ‘the richest and most powerful country in the world’ let all that people die, being killed, and they try to repair all the damage now.

Sorry, USA, I do not believe in your goodness.