The comedy film I'm going to talk about is Miss Doubtfire. It is a fantastic film about divorce, how difficult it is for parents, and how much their children suffer.

I have chosen this film because it is my favourite. It is very funny and moving. If you watch it ,  you will understand why.

I would like to highlight that Robin Williams´ performance in this film is outstanding. His voice is absolutely perfect for the role of Miss Doubtfire. It has excelent dialogues and incredible moments. Another amazing aspect to bear in mind is Miss Doubtfire's aTtitude. She is crazy and modern in spite of her age.

On the other hand ,  there are general aspects which we should mention about this film. Maybe the end is a little long and boring. And perhaps the dialogues are a little difficult for young people. It is impossible that you won´t laugh with them. Perhaps we could think that Robin Williams shows off a little; That´s to say, it is the only important character in the film. 

To sum up, Miss Doubtfire is an amazing film which both children and adults will enjoy. If you like to laugh and you appreciate sense of humoUr, you will love this film. Don´t miss it¡¡