Since many years ago, young people tourist (mainly the English ones) HAVE PRACTICED this dangerous trend that consists OF jumping from balcony to balcony, or from a balcony to a pool. This is usual on Mediterranean hotels. The authorities, and even the hotel owners, don´t know how to end with this "activity", because it's impossible to watch and control all young tourists that stay in the hotels. It was decided to use advertisement campaigns, here and in their countries, to make the people be aware of the risk: they can't lose their lives when the only thing they have to do is to have fun on holidays.

In my opinion, this is a problem with a difficult solution, because each person decides to practise balconing or not (knowing that, usually, people who practise it take drugs and alcohol, whose mix is very dangerous). It is usual on young people to confuse risk with fun, a mistake that sometimes ends in a tragic case.

I hope that's just a passing trend, like so many others with no positive effects, so young people (with a long future) will stop dying.