Nowadays, everybody has heard about the civil war in Siria. As a result, over six million people have been forced to abandon their homes and become refugees.

What's more alarming is the fact that chemical weapons have being used. The UN investigators HAVE CONFIRMED that and GIVEN convincing evidences about it. (For example, people dying due to the use of sarin gas). Plus, the descent movement of air made even bigger the scope of it.

The effect of this dangerous gas is that it affects jitters ans muscles, and it ends up with death by asphyxia.

The spokesman of the White House informs that Al Asad was responsible for this attempt.
In my opinion, war is not a way to solve problems. Also, I think people who are responsible should be sentenced for life in prision because they could have damaged people's health, hurt innocent people and spoilT the tranquility in the Sirian community even more, resulting in never ending war.