The most-watched news on television is currently the employment situation in Spain. In my opinion, it is very difficult to say that this country has a higher rate of unemployment at 24.6%, and the hardest thing is that it’s still growing and no one sees any end. Because of this great economic crisis, thousands of people have been left without home, without a job and they have been thrown out into the street without more, and already up social canteens have been left without resources for so many people. And I wonder, how many years will this situation last? 
Every day, I see more families asking for help on television programmes. For example, the program called "Pone arreglo" presented by Toñi Moreno in Canal Sur Andalucia. I love this program, and I am so happy  seing the solidarity of Spain. In this program, there are many families who tell their story asking for help, and everyone callS them to help, even giving money or food to them. I feel so happy when I see that there are such good people, giving food to people who they don’t know, and all people should be like them, extending a hand to people who really need help.