First, greenhouse effect is not a bad thing in itself, but the consequence that it brings,
what is called the climate change or global warming, is worrying.
Life is possible in our planet because the gases that make up the atmosphere retain heat from the sun radiating from the Earth.
If these gases do not act in this way, the heat would dissipate in space and the Earth would be a cold planet.
A small increase of just two or three degrees in the global temperature would generate serious problems like increasing the level of the sea.
Many people is not aware of this. They think that the climate change is not happening.
In my opinion, climate change is a problem of all, because it affects the environment in which we live.
We must act as far as possible against climate change. First of all, people must be aware about this dangerous problem.
I think that it is possible to reduce the consequences of global warming. For this, we must inform OURSELVES about the climate change.
I believe that it is necessary to take care of our planet.