Many people say that new technologies are good for us, but other people think that they could be bad. We must see advantages and disadvantages of these. 
On the one hand, with these technologies, like smartphones, you can communicate with people from other country. For example, if you are in other country, you can talk with your family. In addition, you can see your family with some applications, like Skype. What' s more, with these technologies, you can know news from all the world.
On the other hand, they could be bad because they can affect in our education. For example, if you give a tablet to little children, the children will learn how to write on it. Then, when you give him a pen, he won't know how to write with it!
In my opinion, they could be good or bad, they depend. They could be good for adult people, because they need them in their job. But, for me, they are very bad for children and young people, because, in the future, they will only use these technologies for all activities.