It is known by almost everybody that shopping on the internet is increasing its popularity each day. But, it is also true that not all the people are confindent about it. 
There are many disadvantages. First, delivery problems: when you buy online we must wait even weeks. You can't see the item before you buy. The buyer can't touch or try it, so he can only see a photo. Finally, one of the most known: credit carD payment. You need a credit card in the majority of cases and it creates mistrust. 
Despite these things, in my opinion, this way of shopping it's really useful. On the internet, we can find best deals, products at much more comfortable price. Also, we can locate shops from all over the world. But the most important advantage is that we can buy a product at any time of the day without dependance on trade opening times.
I have no doubt you will choose the best option, but whatever. What are you waiting for?