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Pablo, Bea, Manu and Itahisa have been my friends from the moment when we arrived in Malta. We lived in the same residence for two weeks and attended the same school. So, we made friend very fast.

Our relation is very good. I have amazing distant friends who support me and help me better than the locals. I sometimes think that is because they do not have to put up with me every day. For example, Bea is from Arcos, and we live quite near, so we do not see each other as often as we want, but she is always there for me.

Even though Manu and Pablo live in Madrid, I see them more because I usually go there to visit my sister. I feel very comfortable with Pablo because he is very supportive and understanding. I can not visit Itahisa because she lives on Canary Island. Nevertheless, we talk almost every week.

In spite of the fact that we live far and we all are busy with the studies, we try to Skype once a month to catch up. Because, although we have lived together only for two weeks, I miss them a lot.

It is difficult to have a distant relationship but not impossible, because if you and he or she want to have it, it is just a matter of getting organized and keeping in touch. In my case, we always try to know something about each other.

I love them so much because I can be myself with them. They are my distant family.