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Nowadays, money is the thing that moves the world. You only have to turn on the TV to see many problems caused by money. Not just economic issues, also problems in sport, wars, and even the lack of money can lead to problems in education or scientific advances. One question that is currently being asked is if money brings happiness. In my opinion, it helps a lot to get happiness.

Even though it sounds materialistic, thanks to money we can buy those material things, like clothes, houses, cars, etc. How it’s usually said, “we become accustomed to the good things very quickly”. With money, we can live great experiences, above everything, travelling.

With money, we can not only be happy ourselves, also we can make other people happy. We can achieve this by donating money to poor people.

However, there are people with a lot of money who are not able to enjoy their fortune, like executives, bussinesmens, etc. It is a proof that money does not give all happiness.

To sum up, money gives you happiness if you know how to use it.