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Nowadays, economic systems put within reach of people all kinds of consumer products, from the most basic to the most rare. Consume as a concept does not refer to anything evil or harmful. We can define it as the simple activity of consuming to satisfy needs or wishes.

FAO is the part of the United Nations which is responsible of the food of the world. The United Nations has given details about the number of people who die because of hunger, which are more than 35.000.000 people. In the world, there are people, and food is made for people. With these numbers, we realize that we throw away aliments. These numbers grow every day, and this can not continue happening. This happens because we live in a society that only focuses on buying things we do not need in our lives. For example, more clothing, toys….

The solution to this problem is a responsible consumption, donating clothes that we can not wear, do not throwing food, and not buying more than we need. For example, do not buy the 3x2 when we really need one.