Technology is making communication easier nowadays. Do you agree? In my opinion, technology was so different when we were babies. I think all things can change.Technology has improved from the origin until the present. From my point of view, it will improve much more in a near future.

Technology has achieved great things in the world, and it has made our lives have better quality and be better in our day to day. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages.

Technology makes our communication easier and faster. We can learn a lot of things. We meet new people to be more sociable, and we can also express our feelings and hobbies through our cell phones. Can you imagine a world without them or computers? Well, I can't.
These electronic devices are important to us so that we can have a better development.

On the other hand, these devices are not very good because they can make damages on people. Sometimes, children can't pay attention because they spend a long time playing games instead of doing their homework, and this is not a very good reason to use some electronic devices.

As a conclusion, I totally support this idea because our society needs them to advance. I think technology is our future