Music is everything that surrounds us. The music is rhymed verses mixed with instruments. The music can transmit emotions, and it also helps us discover unknown sensations.
Today, there are many singers and musicians. This is good because the music is culture. But, I see a big problem. This is that the music is very expensive, and there are people who can't spend money on an album, so they get it illegally.
There are many people that live from music, and the music is good all around the world. I need music for everything; for example, to cook. The music has taught that bad days can change into good days. Everything is more beautiful with music. My favourite genre is rap and Spanish pop, but I also like the latin music. Muy favourite songs now are La Bikina and El Club de Fan de Jonh Boy. The first one is a latin song, and the second one is a Spanish pop-rock song. I also like 90’s music.