Christmas finished last 6th January, and The Three Wise Men (in some families, Santa Claus, too) have left lots of presents in children's houses. Some children have received toys, and other children only got coal... but, if we ask them, it is not a surprise to hear "they gave me a mobile phone / a tablet / a Nintendo / a PSP / a laptop / etc.”. The question is the following one: is that good for children?
It's true that technology is a necessity nowadays, so children need to get used to it. Unfortunately, spending so much time looking at small screen is bad for our sight: more and more children need glasses today. Also, smartphones, tablets and some other devices are able to surf on the Internet, which is good if you are a responsible adult, but it might carry some trouble if you are an innocent child. Nobody knows what kind of things (images, videos...) may appear while they are using Google.
In spite of the disadvantages, I think that playing videogames and enjoying with apps IS not bad for children at all, but parents must take care of them and be careful, because it is not good to focus ON technology so much time. As everybody knows, the best games are traditional ones, such as playing with dolls, running or kicking a ball!