Technology or tradition? Electronic books or paper books? Since few years ago, people's opinions have been divided in two. Different brands as Apple, Amazon or Sony have been launching onto the market a variety of these new e-books. But which one is better? Personally, I think that we must give newness a chance.
E-book gives you the posibility to take with you your favourite books everywhere. It doesn't matter if it's a huge mistery noVel or a historical book, because this little device can have tens of them. It's more ecological than paper ones, since it's not necessary to cut trees to make it. And contrary to what people think, this kind of technology doesn't hurt your eyes.
But I also like paper books. I think that nothing will be able to replace that smell of new book and that sensation when you turn the paper pages. I've got an e-book, but I will continue buying some "p-books" for me and for people who I love.