Lately, this topic is heard everywhere: the independence of the community that politicians want to carry out in Catalonia. Many of us don't know the real causes of why they want to do this although some of the causes that they expose are: independence would be the best for the integration of immigrants, the problem of infrastructure managed by central government would be disappear, improvements in education, and that the money would be managed by the Generalitat...
In my opinion, the independence of Catalonia is definitely a ruin. According to some studies, it will take them about ten years to join the Euro group. On the other hand, I think it isn't fair that public constructions that have been done with all the Spanish money can stay there. If they want the independence, they'll have it with all its consequences. How much money they are willing to spend? This process is too expensive, and if the Generalitat doesn't have the money, what will they do? I think it's a waste of time.