At present, people are buying modern houses. Houses have electronic programmes. Electronic programmes have a lot of improvements for the person who is using them.
Some of these improvements are: intelligent alarms with automatic calls for you, automatic lights when you pass into the house, thermo regulator when you are having a bath or a shower, or EVEN when you are swimming in the pool of your house, it prepareS your daily food, and a lot of things.
You can download applications in the central panel that lets you organize your home. For example, when you want to do a party, you can order the house to prepare the event with a specialized application, or you can play simulate that you are in some place of the world. You can simulate that you wear any type of clothes.
These houses are typical in the USA, some places of Germany and some places of China. Because they have a highly developed economy. Only a little part of people of the world can buy these modern houses, because they have a lot of informatic systems and that is very expensive and not everyone can buy it. Not everyone would have much money to spend.