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At present, mobile phones are necessary in everyone's life, but not essential. However, people don't realize they can live without them. In the current world, everybody uses them everyday, but they are not used correctly, and this aspect could be very dangerous.

Fist of all, the most important advantage of using a mobile phone is you are able to surf the Internet. Therefore, you can find a lot of information. Besides, it allows you to contact your relatives anywhere by calling them or sending messages. Mobile phones can even be used for taking photos or recording videos, so if you are keen on photography, these devices will be really useful. In addition, they provide us with different kinds of applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Spotify.

On the other hand, Internet can create bullying through social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook. Mobile phones can be a danger for your life because there are people who use mobile phones when they are driving, and they can have an accident and kill you. I am willing not to use mobile phones; however, you need them to do homework essays for school, and this may cause distractions in class.

In my opinion, using mobile phones too much causes harm to your brain, but if you are responsible, you won't have any problems with this tool.