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Nowadays, football is getting more and more popular, and almost 90% of our society have seen a football match in their lives. So, we should answer an important question: is it fair or unfair? Let’s see what I think!

On the one hand, technology has brought many benefits to us; for instance, when we talk about sports. “VAR” is a new technology which is used in almost all sports. It consists on a set of cameras spread across the playing field which are used to see in depth the tricks and make better decisions. To my mind, I think it's a great advance for football and for many sports in general.

On the other hand, It’s important to say that, even having this type of technology, we are still humans and we sometimes make mistakes, as it’s completely natural. However, technology helps us not to make many mistakes and to make football fairer.

To sum up, I reckon that football is getting fairer thanks to technology, but there will be always mistakes that benefit one of the two teams. So, we should understand that arbitration work cannot be perfect at all.