The movie was released this year in mid December. It is basically about an empire (The First Order) that wants to destroy the Jedi, the rebels, and anyone who is a threat to them. They also want full control of the galaxy. 

I found the movie kind of disappointing for three main reasons. First of, I felt like the movie lacked creativity. Second of, I wasn’t impressed by Kylo Ren´s character. Finally, Rey´s control over the force didn’t seem reasonable to me.

The movie lacked creativity because it had no original plot. The movie essentially covered all of the same plots as the original trilogy. I didn’t feel like I was seeing anything new, nor was there any risks. Perhaps that was the objective of the director. As a Star Wars fan, and someone who has read the books, this movie was definitely a let down. However, there are Star Wars fans who did enjoy the movie because it was the computation of the trilogy with special effect and an overall good casting. 

I felt like Kylo Ren is the worst Sith in all the star wars movies. In my opinion, he was to quick to take off his mask, and that showed weakness and lack of confidence. If he ‘d waited longer, the character would have been far more interesting. On top of that, he didn’t even look like a bad boy. I thought that he would have battle marks on his face to show the tests he faced. 

Another thing I didn’t like was Rey´s quick ability to control the force when it took the strongest Jedi months to learn under great masters with strict training.  I found it quite out of line. 

In conclusion, the movie wasn´t bad. It just wasn´t as great as I had hoped for.