Haven't you ever seen a person running on the street? You have to have seen it. Running is said to be a new fashion, and I absolutely agree with it.

It's one of my favourite sports, and in my opinion, it's different from other sports because it doesn't have rules! The only thing you have to pay attention to is running.

However, if you see people running, you will be able to differentiate two types of runners. There are people who wear a tracksuit and there are people who wear special clothes, but if you want to wear those clothes you will have to spend a lot of money. I think that, sometimes, people think about clothes but, from my point of view, it isn´t the most important thing because any tracksuit is useful.

I would really recommend it to you if you like sports. Besides, it will be pretty easy for you to go running because you don't have to be rich or sporty to do it, everybody can!
Furthermore, you will notice changes in your body very quickly. 
It's just running at your own pace!