Not far from the place where I live there is a beautiful forest. It´s behind my house and it´s always dark. People don´t go there very often. It´s only on sunny days that brave people go in for a walk. But it´s not only because of darkness that people don´t go, but also because they believe that it´s dangerous to stay alone over there.
The story goes the following way. One day, in the middle of the last year, some runners were resting. Suddenly, they heard a sound. They saw a strage criature with long hair, red eyes, and a tail. They were absolutely scared of it, and they tried to escape. But just then, a heavy storm began. They have never seen again since then, but their clothes were found a few days later.

To be honest, I don´t belive a single word of the story, because we imagine weird things in the dark, and probably someone confused clothes with rubish. To conclude, I have always lived here and I haven´t seen anything.