I am in the bus, which is full, a woman gets on and the only one who offers her a seat is me. How impolite are these persons. 

I was walking on the street and I stumbled on the only hole in the great way. What a shame! 

I am drinking water and my brother makes me laugh. Guess what… I am soaking.

My brother calls me shouting, I run upstairs. He tells me he wants me to bring him up a bottle of water. 

I am singing with my earphones on, I think I am doing it fine, but the people around are looking strangely at me. 

All the neighbors have spectacular orchards, but mine… I can be compared. 

 I try to pull a joke on a friend when I stumble and fall. 

I am in the classroom, paying attention all the time, I say one phrase and… I fail. 

I am on the street with people looking up and down at you. How awkward! 

I WAS in my house, when someone called the door. I WENT to open it. When I openED the door, I see that the dog HAD RUNG.