Suddenly, he realized that he'd never SEEN Erika again. And he hadn't told her the truth about him, about her, about anything. #safatinies

When the gates opened, a dazzling light forced Jane to close his eyes. In front of him, a landscape plenty of life appeared. #safatinies

The lumberjack is the only law in the forest, and since that dreadful day everyone in the lake's village has it in their mind. #safatinies

Black people no longer walk down the street since Lamar is gone. That lost bullet chose him for a reason that we'll never know. #safatinies

The bell rang and Tim and the guys threw all the stuff to the air and run. The best summer of their lives was waiting for them. #safatinies

He took off the blood from his checks, stood up and started punching the air. He knew he was going to faint, but he didn't care. #safatinies

It started raining, so I opened my umbrella and walked far away, alone. At the end of the day, I don't need to be anybody to walk. #safatinies

When I woke up, the dinosaur was still there, looking at me like if I were the beast it wanted to haunt to get the reward. #safatinies

You should talk to Jay, he is worried about this situation. —Worried? Please, it isn't him the one who has a baby inside. #safatinies

Joe looked back, but she had already gone. And she had taken with her everything that could make them join again in the future. #safatinies