"I should leave", thought him. "I´ll tell him to stay", thought her. He crossed the door and continued his way. She didn´t call him.

Everything was scary and unusual: summer, free time, no school... Fortunately, the alarm rang, it was only a nightmare.

Once upon a time, they thought they could live happily ever after.

When she got there, she realized what she had become in the last few days.

When they finished the argument, she took the right way, and he took the left way. But they forgot something: the world is round.

"I´ll follow you everywhere." "I´ll do whatever you want." Stop dreaming, shouted my sister.

She was wearing her black dress with red heels. She looked amazing, but the party had just ended.

Some drops met some sun light, and suddenly the rainbow appeared.

- I´ve just left home and I don´t know where I should go. - Here it is, your new house. Welcome to my heart!

They were having a lovely chat, but something went wrong and they were arguing again.