Last 18th of Sepetember,2014 a national referendum was held in Scotland. I’m going to talk about how this recent attempt of freedom was, and what it meant to me.
Firstly, we should know that this fact is reasonable due to past attempts in 1979 and 1997, and for its independent history before the United Kingdom was formed.
However, even with the surprisingly amount of people who participated (84’5%) , the answer to the question ‘Should  Scotland be an independent country?’ was NO, achieving only 55’3% of votes.
Speaking for myself, it has been the right decision because the consequences of a ‘yes’ vote would have considerably affected its economy, finances, citizenship, and relationship with the UE and NATO, all for worse.
Out of Scotland, the world has been fed up with debates, news, jokes, etc. Even the groundskeeper Willie from ‘The Simpsons’ had a few things to say. In Spain, it was compared step by step with Cataluña’s independence, showing us new points of view.
Nevertheless, I’m glad to see how people in our days ARE able to solve this kind of things democratically, and I expect the same from Cataluña.