I left my home, and suddenly, I heard my name; I turned around, and I saw you.

Joe was a human with a rare genetic mutation that enabled him to read other minds. Unfortunately, he was black and illiterate. #antiracism

I looked for you; I didn't find you, so I thought that I wouldn't be able to love another girl, and I killed myself.

‘Have we met before?’, I said.
‘I don't think so’, she answered TO me.
‘Well, I have seen you in my dreams.’

I was thinking about you, and suddenly, I saw a white mist. I thought it was your soul, but I remembered I was in a pop concert.

‘Do you believe in love at first sight?’ I asked her on the street. 
‘No, I don't, because love requires knowing the other person.

Whenever I was alone at home, I thought about you and about the children we would have together.

I went to the beach with her. I loved walking along the beach, because while I was following her footsteps, I made stories.

Sometimes, I didn't tell you what I felt, because I didn't know how to do it. Maybe with a word, maybe with a kiss,..

'I love you’, I told you.
‘What do you need to forget me?’ You asked me.
‘I just want a kiss. And, what do you need to love me?’