Once upon a time, there was a little girl full of enthusiasm and happiness, but now she's gone...
-What happened?
-She grew up.

He came to me looking for an advise to forget her. I told him not to, that he can't do it, that it's impossible.

You were so absorbed, with your head up in the white clouds; they called you so loud, but you never cared.

He turned away to face what he was sure was north. But no matter which way he turned, he was already lost.

'I'm not a gentleman, I'm a thief', he said.
- 'Then steal me.'

He said: 'Call me crazy, but I think my imaginary friends are ignoring me.'
His psychologist had to LOCK him up again.

It's night again, and the silence IS SURROUNDING him. The silence of a man who knows he's about to die.

It would be beautiful to say our eyes found each other and it was love at first sight. Truth is she didn't even looked me back.

When she was four, everybody asked her what she wanted to be. "Princess, astronaut, doctor..." Now she just wants to be younger.

Then he remembered there are 3 things in life you can't recover: a word already said, an opportunity lost, and wasted time.