A few weeks ago ,  the Spanish government presented a new abortion law. From now on, Spanish women won't be able to abort if they want to.
Abortion has always been a contentious issue: it has been a political weapon for the conservative parties and the progressists , plus it has been a social question with no clear answer, which is a serious problem.
In my opinion, every woman should be free to do whatever she wants with her body. People who are against abortion say that it is a murder, but murder is the action of killing some person, and what a six weeks pregnant has in her belly is not a person - it is a fetus. A fetus is still considered a part of the woman.
Now either a raped woman, or a woman that can't afford a child, or just a woman that doesn't want to have children will have no choice but have the children.
In conclusion, we are getting back in time to the seventies because of a conservative government that attacks basic civil rights.