Bullfights are known throughout the world. In that way ,  enough people coincide that it is a mistreatment to animals: they're cruelly humilliated.
They consider the bull strong and dangerous, and the one that the bullfighters say to face in equality of conditions. However, it already comes disoriented and stunned to the bullring, surely because it has been submitted to a confinement in a small place and in the dark. It is often abused before heading out to the bullring to lose some of its strength from the horns, bumps, etc..
All these actions are done to debilitate the bull. Though, when it goes out to the bullring, it seems to be full of fierceness. It tries to jump the barrier because it sees itself dazzled by the light and disoriented by people's shouts.
In the bullfights, bulls are murdered, but they are not alone: the ill-treated animals, the horses that the horsebreakers use, also suffer pain with the onslaughts of the bulls. In fact, these animals die after taking part in 4 or 5 bullfights.
The most common argument that is given for the survival of the bullfight is to give the bull a worthy death.
I was saying to myself, and I say to myself, that if the bull made sense of dignity, he might not agree that his death makes an amusing show. I understand that bulls, as the rest of the irrational animals, may not make sense of dignity, since they may not have sense of either the good or the evil, either the justice or the cruelty. But what undoubtedly they have is an aptitude to suffer and to feel pain, and with this capacity, if they could choose the way of dying. They would choose without hesitation the death that was causing neither pain nor agitation, nor suffering. That is to say, everything opposite to death that is given to them. By this way, that I believe it is an indecent argument on the part of people who support bullfighting.
I believe that it should disappear in the whole world. I respect the culture, but this seems to me that it exceeds to any manifestation of custom.