Lots of children dream about being famous. We can watch on TV lots of kids who are actors or singers who live an enviable life. But are they really living a dream or a nightmare?
On one hand, you have everything you want. You are just a child and you can buy expensive clothes, travel around the world, and everybody lookS up to you.
But on the other hand, children are not mature enough to deal with all the stuff that fame supposes. You must work pretty hard, and that could be very stressful for children. That is the reason because some famous kids don’t have a happy ending and they finish with alcohol and drug problems and out law. Another problem is that some people still see you as a child even when you have grown up.
To sum up, I think that being famous when you are just a child is not easy, and if you are not very careful about what you do, your career can be over too early.