It is assumed that the aim of models is to be irresistibly attractive, sexy women, beautiful face.. so, why are fashion models so bad looking?
We all know that being a model is an exciting job, because models have a lifestyle full of luxury, they have a highly paid job, they get to meet famous and interesting people, etc. However, there are also some disadvantages. 
Firstly, one part of models are girls under 16 years OLD, so they are more vulnerable to develop eating disorders. In addition, models are more likely to abuse of drugs, being a serious threat to them, as it can affect their behaviour and give them health problems. 
Worst of all is that there are many people who love this horrible canon of beauty, both men and women. Fortunately, I hope that a majority of men do not like a skinny woman. It is clear that the world of modeling is a business. They say how people should be psychologically and how they should dress, because they just care about selling. I'm not judging the appearance of people, even if that appearance is real or an illusion. What really shocks me is that fashion designers manage to sell their clothes using such an uncomfortable size.
To sum up, I think that people in the fashion industry must take care about models with the purpose to protect their lives.